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The best way to rate a freelance writing agency is to listen to what writers and editors have to say about it. This page is devoted to the feedback we receive from our scribes.

I enjoy working for Academic Writers Online for a number of different reasons. These are briefly enumerated below:

In general terms I think we have a good system here. Great website that works well.

  • A continuous flow of varied and interesting assignments;
  • A good mix in balance and different aspects of research;
  • A good level of administrative support service to the writers. There are occasions where intervention becomes necessary and it is important to have a fair, impartial and authoritative stance in order to resolve issues;
  • Timelines are generally reasonable and there is a choice as to whether you accept these;
  • Prompt payment bi-weekly greatly assists with cash flow;



I have been working with for quite a while and have always enjoyed it. First of all, these guys are being honest and always pay on time, unlike the previous company I used to work for. I don’t earn my living here, but this money is enough to pay out my rent and some other bills I have. I can easily arrange my workload adjusting to the deadlines of various papers. What I can say is that this freelance agency truly values my writing skills and discipline that sets a great team spirit and atmosphere.



My experience with the company has been, for the most part, quite positive. I wholeheartedly enjoy having the time to chat with several of the admin members, such as Jane, Matthew, and others. Getting to know you guys has been one of the most rewarding aspects of this job!



I think you’re doing a great job.



I really enjoy working with your company. I am sure many writers do and hope to have the pleasure of working with your site for a long time.



I have been doing this sort of work for quite some time and I must say, Academic Writers Online is the most efficient company I have worked for. Kudos!



My experience of working with your company has been positive. I cannot recall any situation when I was dissatisfied with something.



I am very happy with your service. It is well-run, always courteous, always has work available and always pays on time and accurately.