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We did our best to cover the most common questions we receive from our applicants on this page. You will most likely find an answer to your query here. If you do not, feel free to contact our support team any time.

Do I have to pay for using this website? Is there an application fee?

No. We do not charge either for applying for a job or for using our website.


How do I get started?

Simply click Apply Now on any page of the website and carefully fill in all the required fields on all the steps. Please have your resume/CV and writing sample ready.


When asking for a writing sample, what are you looking for?

A good writing sample is an MS Word document, at least 1 double-spaced page long, written on a clear topic. Ideally, the paper should be formatted according to a common academic citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago) and have in-text citations and a reference list. If you have never written a paper like this before, you can upload anything that you have written for the past year or two. In this case, we might ask you to write a custom sample paper on a topic of our choice.


How long does the hiring process take?

We receive hundreds of application every day, so we do our best to get in touch with the majority of applicants within 2-3 business days. In certain cases, the HR manager might contact you within 5 business days after the application was submitted.


Does the application process include a phone interview?

Yes. The HR manager will conduct a phone interview with each and every applicant fit for the job, so please make sure to supply us with a working phone number.


What types of written work will I have to perform?

The majority of our customers are students and businessmen, so your job is to take care of any writing, editing or proofreading tasks they might pay for.


Am I obliged to complete a certain number of assignments each day/week/month?

No. You can enjoy the freedom of working as a freelancer by working whenever and as much as you want. You can make it your part or full-time job. It's totally up to you.


Do you receive jobs during weekends?

Yes and quite a lot.


Do you have internal rules or policies that I have to follow?

Yes. You will have to review and accept our Rules and Policies document while completing the first step of the registration form.


I have just been hired. Is there a probation period?

Yes. We have to learn to trust you, so start with something small. Complete a few simple/short assignments at first, get positive feedback and we will be happy to consider you for complex and lengthy papers.


What is the basic software I need to start working with you?

All you need is Microsoft Word – to complete writing tasks, Acrobat Reader – to open and review additional instructions from customers and Microsoft PowerPoint (optional) – to complete PowerPoint presentations. That's all.


What types of clients will I have to communicate and work with?

The majority of our clients are students, site owners, bloggers and businessmen.


What is the typical turnaround time for a project?

We receive orders with very different deadlines – from a few hours to several months. The average deadline is approximately 1-2 days.


Are the rates for your jobs flexible? Can I place my own bids?

The majority of the orders have a set price. However, some of the assignments are open for custom bids.


Am I guaranteed to be assigned for a project I have applied to complete?

No. Remember that the job list is available for all writers at all times. We receive bids from many writers and have to decide in favor of one expert taking many factors into consideration.


Are there any formatting/citation styles that I will have to use?

Yes. Most of the assignments have to be formatted according to common academic citation styles including APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian and Harvard. You can easily find citation manuals and guides online. We will also supply you with such tutorials once hired.


If the order requires the use of external sources, are they provided by the client?

Unless the customers provides you with all the required external sources, it is your job to conduct in-depth research and find credible sources for the project.


Can I request a bigger pay if the order requires extensive reading and, therefore, more time and effort?

Yes. In such cases, you should contact the support team and make them aware of the issue prior to applying for the order.


Am I required to revise the order upon customer's request?

If the revision is justified, you are obliged to perform the necessary tweaks and alterations. In other words, the revision request should correspond with the initial order instructions to qualify for a free redo. If the revision request involves extra work and conflicts the original paper instructions, you should let the support team know about the problem.


How many revisions is the customer entitled to for one order?

The customer is guaranteed to receive an original paper that follows all the instructions and comments provided upon placing the order. If the paper you submit does not follow the instructions, you are obliged to revise it as many times as necessary for it to happen.


Can I request the customer to cover the cost of the book or journal article required for completing the order?

Yes. You can work it out with the customer by sending him/her a message through the website prior to applying for the order.


Can the customer provide me with access to their school library if it is required for completing the order?

You are welcome to communicate your questions and queries to customers at all times. Most of them do not have anything against providing their writers with temporary access to their online school libraries.


Can I discuss the details with customer over the phone?

For privacy reasons, we suggest all communication between you and the client to be performed using our message system. If the customer is willing to discuss the details of the project with you over the phone, we will let you know about it.


How often do you receive new jobs? Are these jobs available all year round?

Our job list is updated every minute, so you should check on it quite often to get more work. As almost any business, we have high and low seasons. The majority of the assignments arrive in autumn and spring. Winter is considered a low season because of holidays.


Am I obliged to work at night?

No. However, if you are money-driven, we strongly advice you to take “night shifts” to increase your balance, as we receive a lot of orders that have to be completed overnight. The fees for urgent projects are higher as well.


Do you have a support team to help writers?

Yes. Our support department works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any questions, problems or queries.


What about the copyright of the papers I submit?

Once you upload the completed order to the customer, you pass all copyright to us. You are not allowed to share the document with a third party or post it online.


How do I communicate with the customers?

We have built an easy in-house system for you to communicate with your customers and the support team as well.


Is my personal information shared with the customers?

No. The only thing we might tell your customer about you is your initials. We will never share your name or any other personal information.


How much on average do your writers make per month?

Our top writers make thousands of dollars every month. The more you work, the more money you are going to make.


How often do I get paid?

We pay twice a month – in the middle and the end of each month.


What are the payment methods?

We pay via Wire Transfer. You can also receive payment to a card of your choice.


Are there any fines/bonuses?

Yes. Check our Rules and Policies on the first step of the application form for more details.


Do you cover the fees for the monetary transactions?

For Wire Transfer, we cover the transaction fees for payments over $500.


How long does it take to receive the funds once I submit my payment request?

Your payment will be released within 1-2 business days after the request has been received.