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Times have been tough for the die hard academic. It doesn’t get any better with the economy going downhill faster than the speed of light. So what does the ailing academic do in times such as these? Offer to help other ailing fellow academics (for a price) of course.

But what professional service would offer to hire someone who is not quite out of school or college you ask? Have you ever considered applying for proofreading jobs, editing jobs or working solo as a freelance copywriter? Chances are that you haven’t.

Well, you are in luck! Professional academic services can give you that just like ours. Students who want to hone a career in writing don’t do very well in the job market. Our service begs to differ. As a freelance writing agency, our services are dedicated to professional writing and research. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you are a budding writer that either holds a Bachelors, PhD or masters degree you are in luck. Now you have the chance to sharpen your skills on a service that offers you a chance to do just that.


Yes, proofreading jobs. You didn’t think that you would find proofreading jobs that dabble either in the teaching or publishing profession did you? Now you can be a savior of ailing students everywhere by offering to proof their academic essays and get paid to do it!


The best thing about working for an academic writing agency is the fact that it not only hones your writing and editing skills but it looks good on your CV too. This is a great way to revamp your resume should you be interested in pursuing a career as, say, an editor or other profession of the sort. Our editing jobs can help you do just that. Pick up any of our numerous editing jobs, and you can be well on your way to cashing in on them yourself as well.


Working from home as a freelance copywriter was something that dreams were made of before the internet had it’s hey day. Freelance services have made this into a reality for many grateful academics that are low on cash. Working as one certainly has its perks. Getting used to writing high quality customer specific essays will not only help you in your own scholarly writing endeavors, but also make for a great investment. Another benefit of working as a freelance copywriter is that this profession requires that you write for a specific demographic audience.